Child Lock

Can be set to autolock after a period of inactivity - stops little fingers once you have left the PC.
Can block out windows control keys - switch out of the current application (provided the app is running fullscreen such as a game)
Can slow down the mouse, stop autorepeat - assists young ones just getting used to a mouse and keyboard.

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21 Mar 20171.104State (locked/unlocked etc) can be changed via commandline. For example, BTprox app on desktop can lock/unlock ChildLock based on whether it detects your mobile phone is close.
01 Jul 20141.100Lock/unlock key sequence (hardcoded) altered to include Shift key. Full seq provided during install
30 Nov 20131.99Internal fix to keyboard & mouse hooks to allow simultaneous vb apps with hooks to work
11 Aug 20121.97Fixed bug when unsetting Autostart in Options, then setting again would cause error
08 Dec 20111.96Minor text change in popup tip for one of the options
31 Oct 20111.95Re-enabled use of AltGr/right Alt key in lock/unlock sequence. Found a keyboard with AltGr for testing and see no problem with it now.
22 Sep 20111.94Removed some code causing problems for people who use the AltGr key. The code was put in originally when using the right Alt key (AltGr) just as an Alt (not for its extended character functionality) caused problems on my keyboard. I no longer have an AltGr key to test so will see how it goes.
29 Jul 20111.93Option to suspend autolocking based on time of day or IP or file exists eg. Autolock works at home where the kids are, but suspended when you are at work
Option to provide a window name that has Unlock key sequence passed straight through. Use if using a remote control program to another PC where both are running ChildLock. Thus unlocking the remote will no longer toggle the Autolock state of the PC you are on.
08 Jun 20111.92Internal corrections to keyboard hook
24 Nov 20101.90More info available regarding lock/unlock key sequence (helps first time users)
06 Oct 20101.8bCorrected glitch in 1.8a fix
03 Oct 20101.8aFixed problem where option NOT to start with windows could give error
01 Oct 20101.8Fixed some installations issues with shortcut icons
Dll registration & autostart
20 Sep 20101.7Mouse pointer flashes with a "blocked" type icon when keyboard/mouse locked and user presses key/moves mouse
10 Sep 20101.6gFreeware expiry date removed
18 Jun 20101.6cFirst public release
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